We offer a large selection of reclaimed live edge wood slabs ranging from: Black Walnut, Claro Walnut, Bastogne Walnut, English Walnut, Redwood, Denim Pine, Elm, Ash, Mango and Sycamore with an emphasis on Highly Figured Walnut Slabs. All of our slabs came from trees that we salvaged.

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33711 Black Walnut Slab 124"x39"-26"x3" May 2015
This is a ncie Black Walnut slab that has good color and grain figure along with some checks. Mil..
34997 Dry and Surfaced Large Old Growth Redwood Slab 400 Years Old 143"x47"-43"x2 3/4"
This is a beautful dry and surfaced old growth Redwood slab that has nice color, grain and curl t..
34087 California Black Walnut Slab 114"x51"-41"x3" September 2015
This is a nice large California Black Walnut slab that came from a tree we salvaged in Dixon, Ca...
34127 Bookmatched Claro Walnut Slabs 147"x53"-46"x3" September 2015 SOLD
This is a beautiful bookmatched set of Claro Walnut slabs that have nice color and grain figure a..
This is a Large Claro Walnut Wood Slab that was milled Jan 2013, it has great color and figure al..
14302 Dry Highly Figured Grafted Claro Walnut Slab 51"x19"-11"x2 1/2" SOLD
This is a dry and ready to use Highly Figured Grafted Claro Walnut Slab that has super figuring, ..
14223 Dry Figured Claro Walnut Slab 35"x23"x2 3/4"
This is a dry ready to use figured claro walnut slab that has great color and figure along with s..
14420 Dry Figured Grafted Claro English Walnut Slab 45"x22"-20"x2 3/4"
This is a dry ready to use figured Grafted Claro and Englsih Walnut slab that has great color and..
14396 Dry Highly Figured Claro Walnut Slab 43"x22"-21"x2 3/4" SOLD
This is a dry highly figured Claro Walnut slab that has great color and fiddleback throughout. ..
33111 Super Lace Redwood Burl Slab 91"x53"-34"x2 5/8"
This is a super lace Redwood Burl slab that was milled 1/4/14. It has super color and lace burl t..
33349 Kiln Dried California Black Walnut Grafted Orchard Slab 86"x62"-48"x3"
Milled April 2014. Normal checks. You can read the story of the tree here. We recenlty kiln dried..
33402 Black Walnut Slab 113"x40"-30"x3"
This is a live edge Black Walnut slab that we milled April 2014 from a tree that we personally sa..
33467 Figured Grafted English Bastogne Walnut Slab 106"x56"-26"x3"
This is a figured grafted English Bastogne Walnut orchard slab that we personally salvaged and mi..
33664 Bookmatched Tree of Paradise Slabs 81"x44"-43"x3" April 2015
This is a Bookmatched set of Tree of Paradise Slabs that have great color along with some checks...
34049 Large Bastogne Walnut Slab 111"x64"-52"x2 1/2"-3" June 2015
This is a large beautiful Bastogne Walnut slab that has great color and fiddleback throughout alo..