We offer a large selection of reclaimed live edge wood slabs ranging from: Black Walnut, Claro Walnut, Bastogne Walnut, English Walnut, Redwood, Denim Pine, Elm, Ash, Mango and Sycamore with an emphasis on Highly Figured Walnut Slabs. All of our slabs came from trees that we salvaged.

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14540 Highly Figured Mango Slab 125"x27"-32"x2 3/16"
This is a highly figured Mango slab that has been dried for 12 years and is ready to use. It has ..
RFPRW-21 Dry Figured Lace Redwood Burl Slab 25"x21"-17"x2 1/4"
This is a dry and ready to use lace redwood burl slab that has good burl and figure throughout. I..
14227 Dry Highly Figured Claro Walnut Slab 48"x20"-19"x2 1/2"
This is a dry ready to use highly figured claro walnut wood slab that has super color and fiddleb..
14415 Dry Figured Grafted Claro and English Walnut Slab 44"x21"-20"x3" SOLD
This is a dry ready to use figured grafted English and Claro Walnut slab that has good figure and..
14405 Dry Highly Figured Claro Walnut Slab 59"x19"-9"x2 5/8" SOLD
This is a dry ready to use Highly Figured Claro Walnut Slab that has great color and figure. ..
33183 Figured Live Edge Bastogne Walnut Slab 98"x30"-28"x2 3/4" HOLD
This is a figured live edge Bastogne Walnut slab that was milled Jan 2014. It has great Bastogne ..
33221 Extremely Figured Claro Walnut Slab 121"x38"-27"x2 3/4"
Milled January 2014. Some checks. Great color and extremely figured. ..
33243 Long Black Walnut Slab 166"x40"-23"x2 5/8" HOLD
This is a long Black Walnut slab that we milled January 2014 from a tree that we personally salva..
33608 Bookmatched Figured Claro Walnut Slabs 127"x41"-28"x3" Feb 2015
This is a beautiful set of bookmatched Claro Walnut slabs that we personally salvaged in West Sac..
33864 Large Bookmatched Black Walnut Slabs 212"x54"-37"x3" May 2015
This is a large set of bookmatched Black Walnut slabs that have nice color and figure along with ..
33894 Bookmatched English Wych Elm Slabs 119"x57"-52"x3" May 2015 SOLD
This is a gorgeous Bookmatched set of English Wych Elm Slabs that have fantastic grain figure alo..
33914 Grafted Claro English Walnut Orchard Slab 106"x44"-31"x3" May 2015
This is a beautiful Grafted Claro English Walnut slab that has great color and figure throughout ..
34072 Long Live Edge Black Walnut Slab 172"x31"-28"x3" September 2015
This is a beautiful Black Walnut slab that has rich coloring throughout along with some cracks. W..
33477 Huge Grafted English Black Walnut Slab 120"x52"-46"x3" August 2014
This is a huge grafted English/Black Walnut slab that came from a tree we personally salvaged. Mi..
001066 Large Wide Claro Black Walnut Slab 131"x70"-53"x2 7/8"-3 1/8" July 2013 KILN DRIED
This is a large Claro Walnut slab that has great color and size. You can see us salvaging the tre..