Hunski Hardwoods is a family owned and operated business that has been offering superior quality: Wood Slabs, Gunstocks, Turning Blanks, Music Wood and many more hardwood products since the early 1990's. We are located in beautiful Northern California about 20 miles south of Sacramento. All of our wood comes from old, dieing, diseased, hazardous or windstruck trees and is removed in the most ECO friendly way and we make sure every part of the tree is used and doesn't go to waste. All of our Wood Slabs, Gunstocks, Music Wood, Hardwood Lumber and Turning Wood products were cut with the best quality in mind. We have been selling and buying wood from all over the world. The majority of our walnut and other hardwoods comes from the greater California, Oregon and Washington areas. We are so blessed and grateful to be able to work with a part of God's creation on a daily basis.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are the actual people who go out, find the trees and salvage them ourselves. Since we find and salvage these trees we are able to price our slabs at a very competitive price. By milling our own wood we found that we can offer our customers a much better product and price then anywhere else around.